Nuevo Leon History

A YouTube video focusing on the history of Villa Aldama, Nuevo Leon, MXVANL

The Family Spans the Continent

Ramona Villarreal
Ramona Villarreal Gamez 1922-1992
More of our family story will take us to Texas and California.

A new take on New Year’s Resolutions

Instead of making a list of things I hope to accomplish, I’ve set a few ambitious goals and then listed some habits I want to develop that will help me reach those goals.

One of my goals is to complete the first section of family history: focusing on Frederick and Catherine Langan Berge and their descendants.

The habit I’ll be tracking to get to this goal is to spend a period of time each week on organizing an outline of the timeline for Frederick & Catherine and expanding research to newspapers that they would have had access to.

Catherine Langan Berge 1841-1896 and Frederick William Berge 1838-1926

Getting ready for the season

Tree’s decorated and presents are wrapped.
Josh & Gretta are way up north for the holidaychef kateChef Kate is preparing the Christmas eve menu.

Welcome back

Hiatus is over, time to get back to work.

welcome - Cellular

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